Student Support

Student Support

Need help? Your success is at the core of everything we do at Central Piedmont. We care about you as an individual — you are not a number, but an individual with unique needs and goals. We are devoted to helping you have the best learning experience possible, offering student services and support for your learning and well-being.

Multi-Campus Student Services

Our Directors of Student Affairs provide leadership, accountability, and coordination of a variety of support services designed to compliment your successful experience at your campus. We work in partnership with all units of the college to build an inclusive, supportive, and engaging community of learners. Directors of Student Affairs coordinate student services schedules and assist with campus-wide programming. Direct any recommendations or concerns about the student services at your campus to a Director of Student Affairs. Future students, you are welcome to contact a Director of Student Affairs for general questions about the services offered at the area campuses or to schedule a walking tour of an area campus.

Student Success Navigators

The Student Success Navigator team is here to ensure you have a successful journey at Central Piedmont. We help all students apply to Central Piedmont, register for classes, connect with resources, and with other processes and information. Our welcome centers are staffed with navigators and computers to help you with your needs.

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