Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge Information Session

Location: Online (May 11 and 25); in-person (May 18)

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Join us for an information session to learn about Central Piedmont's Summer Bridge program for high school seniors.

Summer Bridge helps you jump start your college career and get a heard start on your college classes. With Summer Bridge, you?enroll in college classes at Central Piedmont for six?weeks the summer after you graduate high school.?This helps you successfully transition from high school to college in a closed, structured, and supervised environment.

Benefits of the program include learning what will be expected of you in college, getting a higher college GPA, and making friends. You'll also earn up to four hours of college credit. Full scholarships are available if you are selected for the program. Financial advising is also available.

Join us for the information session to learn more about eligibility for Summer Bridge, benefits, and how to apply.

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