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Everything you need, all in one place. This is where you can find the link to the page for all Central Piedmont resources and support services. Visit each page for details and contact information.

COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 safety protocols — such as wearing masks indoors and submitting the student health acknowledgement form weekly — are still in place to help keep us all safe on campus. Review the on-campus COVID safety guidelines.

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General Updates

  • Forgot your Central Piedmont password? You can now manage and reset your Central Piedmont password anytime with the account management portal.
  • Do you struggle with using technology? Get one-on-one digital technology skills training and help at the new Digital Literacy Learning Space.
  • Due to network security measures, there is currently no international access to online content that requires you to sign-in with Central Piedmont credentials. This means you cannot access online course materials, email accounts, MyCollege, and Brightspace when outside the U.S. Access is available in all 50 states, plus territories, military bases, and embassies. If you plan to travel abroad this holiday season, please be aware you will not be able to access Central Piedmont online services from countries other than the U.S.
  • If you are having challenges making it difficult for you to register for or complete classes, please visit Central Piedmont Cares for resources. If you're having trouble accessing technology to do your schoolwork, request to borrow a laptop and/or WiFi hotspot.
  • Contact a student success navigator at with any general questions.

Central Piedmont Mobile App

Download the Central Piedmont mobile app?to easily access your class schedule, campus maps, and more.

Disability and Access Services

Disability and Access Services

Campus Security Contacts


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