Student Records

Student Records

Student Records is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and security of academic records for the college.?You can find in-person service at each Central Piedmont campus.

Learn about which of your information Central Piedmont staff can and can't share with third parties under FERPA regulations, how to get your student ID card, and other records processes and services. The Records office also provides transcript services.

Send mailed records service requests to the address found in the "Contact Us" area.

Enrollment Verification Processes

Central Piedmont has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verification for insurance purposes, to loan deferment companies, and for degree verification.

  • For Insurance Purposes

    You can get verification that you are or were enrolled during a specific term only after the registration drop/add period of that semester. To get proof of enrollment, email from your college email address requesting a letter of enrollment verification. In your email, provide your:

    • full legal name
    • date of birth
    • Central Piedmont ID number (if possible)
    • the nature of your request

    Please allow up to one week for us to process your request.

  • For Loan Deferment/In-School Deferment

    Your loan deferment form should be faxed to the National Student Clearinghouse at 703.742.4239. If you have questions about a form that was already sent, you can go online to degreeverify.orgor contact their Customer Service office at 703.742.4200.

  • For Degree Verification

    The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at or National Student Clearinghouse, 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171.

How to Change/Update Grades, Your Name, Address, or Emergency Contact

  • Grade Change Information

    You?must follow the?grievance process?to submit an appeal to change a grade. If you are seeking a grade change, you can ask about the status of your grade at the Student Records office at?any Central Piedmont campus

  • Name Change

    You can change your name on file with the college by visiting any Central Piedmont Records office with picture identification and a government document showing the updated information. You can also send an email from your Central Piedmont issued student email account. You will need to include your student ID number, your name, and a copy of the government documentation in your email.

  • Chosen Name

    The college recognizes you might need or choose to go by a first name that is different from your legal first name.

    To request that college systems be updated to use your chosen name, email (from your Central Piedmont student email) Central Campus Registrar Rich Pucine ( In your email, include your:

    • student ID number
    • chosen first name

    Learn more about the college chosen name policy.

  • Address Change

    To change your address on file with the college:

    1. Go to MyCollege.
    2. Go to "User Options."
    3. Go to "User Profile."
    4. Go to "Add New Address."
    5. Input and review your address.
    6. Select "Add Address."

    You will get a confirmation message and updated address.

  • Add Your Emergency Contact to Your File with the College

    1. Go to MyCollege.
    2. Go to "User Options."
    3. Go to "Emergency Information."
    4. Select "Add New Contact.”
    5. Input and review your emergency contact information.
    6. Select "Add Contact.”

    You will get a confirmation message and your emergency contact will reflect.

  • Change Your Emergency Contact on File

    1. Go to MyCollege.
    2. Go to "User Options."
    3. Go to "Emergency Information."
    4. Select the edit option (pencil icon) to update your existing contact information.
    5. Update and review your emergency contact’s information.
    6. Select "Add Contact.”

    You will get a confirmation message and your updated emergency contact will reflect.

  • Submit Your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

    The individual taxpayer identification number submission form allows you to submit your social security number or individual taxpayer Identification number to Central Piedmont so that we can issue your 1098-T form.

    Return the completed, signed individual taxpayer identification number submission form (PDF) in-person to any Central Piedmont Campus Registrar’s office/Records office. You can also mail your form.

    Never submit any content containing your social security number by email.

    Please contact the Business office at 704.330.6964 or at with any questions about your 1098-T form.

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