Transfer Resource Center

Transfer Resource Center for Transfer Degree Programs

Earn an associate degree to transfer from Central Piedmont to many four-year colleges or universities. Central Piedmont's Transfer Resource Center can guide you on how to transfer from Central Piedmont to four-year colleges and universities in the NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. Central Piedmont credits can also transfer to public and private colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Contact a Central Piedmont Transfer Resource Center Advisor for more information on schools to transfer to and how to transfer.

Find an Advisor

Contact a transfer advisor if you interested in transfer degree programs for associate degree transfer to bachelor degree?and?are a currently enrolled or returning Central Piedmont student and you:

  • are currently taking classes
  • were a previous Central Piedmont student and are in the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Transfer degree

All other students, visit the academic advising page for details on how to contact an advisor.

Transfer School Events

The NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement — Transfer an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree

The NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (NCCAA) is a statewide agreement between all NC community colleges and all NC public universities?governing the transfer of credits between the schools.?This agreement means that if you complete an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science at Central Piedmont and meet all the other eligibility requirements, you will be guaranteed admission to attend one of the UNC universities. Depending on the program you want to do, you may need to complete more courses once you transfer to the university.

Learn about the NC Articulation Agreement

Our Transfer Degree Options

Check out our list of Central Piedmont transfer degree programs, as well as a suggested course sequence for the courses you should take based on what you want to major in at the school you transfer to.

Transfer degrees and course sequences by major

Transfer an Associate in Applied Science Degree (2+2 Programs)

Many of our Associate in Applied Science programs have 2+2 transfer agreements with four-year institutions that make it easy for you to transfer into a related bachelor's degree at that school after you get your Associate in Applied Science.

2+2 transfer agreements

Transfer to a Private School in North Carolina

If you are interested in transferring to a private four-year institution in the state of North Carolina after you get your associate degree, learn about the North Carolina Community College system's Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement.

North Carolina Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement

Transfer to a School in Another State

Central Piedmont credits may?also transfer to public and private colleges and universities throughout the United States. Contact the admissions office at your school of interest for more information.

Find a School to Transfer To

Unsure where you'd want to go after you finish your Central Piedmont degree? Visit College Navigator, a school information database, for a?comprehensive breakdown of institutions?throughout the United States.

College Navigator school database

Additional Information

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