College Leadership

Central Piedmont endeavors to be intentional and transformational while making a positive impact on our students and community.

Guided by the college’s vision, mission, values, and strategic plan, Central Piedmont’s leaders work to ensure the college supports Mecklenburg County’s growth and quality of life and provide pathways in which students can be successful and reach greater economic mobility.


Title Name and Email Address
President Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer
Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Heather Hill
Vice President for Communication, Marketing, and Public Relations Jeff Lowrance
Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services Mike Whiteman

Vice President for Information Technology and Research Services

Chief Information Officer

Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement Kevin McCarthy
Vice President for Strategy and Organizational Excellence Dr. Tracie Clark
Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Chris Cathcart

Vice President of Talent and Organizational Engagement

Chief Diversity Officer

Mark Short

College President

Under the leadership of President Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer, Central Piedmont?enacts a number of initiatives to remain at the forefront of the higher education arena. Learn more about Dr. Deitemeyer and the college’s current initiatives.

About Dr. Deitemeyer

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees?is comprised of 12 members, representing an assortment of industries, and is responsible for ensuring that the college’s core values and purposes are reflected throughout its processes.

Board of Trustees

Annual Reports

Annual reports

Departments and Contacts

College organizational chart

Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures handbook contains a variety of guidelines that assist in the governance of the college. It is comprised of rules, policies, and regulations that may be amended to reflect the evolving needs of the college and the campus community.

Policies and procedures

Our Work

Strategic plan

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision, mission, values
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